Below are missionaries and ministries Westminster Chapel supports.
Please join us in prayer for these families and ministries.


Phillip & Rachel Baron

Phillip & Rachel are a part of the global campus team of CRU. After doing missionary work for many years in Southeast Asia, they recently moved back to the United States and are continuing their work of discipling young people and training them on how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and disciple others from their new home base in Charlotte, North Carolina. They continue to travel around the world as a part of the global team. When not traveling, they help develop and expand the ethnic ministry of CRU in the area.

The Conrad Family

Rick, Chelsea, and their three children are missionaries in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Rick assists Bible translation by serving as a Database Programmer supporting the Cameroon Branch by improving and maintaining key database systems. He is also a language software developer, helping create the computer programs used by Wycliffe linguists around the world.

You can learn more about the Conrad family by clicking HERE and follow their blog by clicking HERE.

Ryan & Amy

Due to the sensitive nature of their work, we will not be posting any details online.



Bethesda Community Clinic

The mission of Bethesda Community Clinic is to demonstrate the compassion of Christ by providing quality healthcare to those in need.

For more information on Bethesda Community Clinic, click HERE.

The Joy House

The Joy House is a ministry dedicated to restoring teens and families through Christ by providing a home for the teen in crisis and partnering with their families to pursue family restoration.

For more information on The Joy House, click HERE.

Safe Choice Pregnancy Care Center

Safe Choice Pregnancy Care Center is a community resource center dedicated to providing free spiritual and material support to women and families finding themselves in a planned or unplanned pregnancy and faced with the various options provided in today’s culture. Their mission is to save the unborn and give support to their families by educating, offering resources, and forming gospel relationships with each individual.

For more information on Safe Choice Pregnancy Care Center, click HERE.



Mission Pre-Born

Mission Pre-Born exists to glorify Jesus Christ by equipping pregnancy centers to save more babies and souls.

For more information on Mission Pre-Born, click HERE.



“May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!”